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GribbleGrunger said:

That's the long term plan, yes. Of course it may change for legal reasons but I know MM are on it, especially Marcos. MM also plan on making their next game with Dreams.

I would love to have the creativity power and time to make my book trilogy into games.

I've only responded to that because it's 'on the cards'. The thing is, Dreams will depend on good assets to be made available for other creators, so talk of monetisation of games or blocking people from using assets because of long term plans, would be detrimental to Dreams in the short term. Give it a couple of years and then perhaps this subject can be fully explored.

I posted a tweet to Marcos about my theory on the DLC problem. He normally responds in text but this time he just liked it. The theory was that MM would make Indie games with Dreams and sell them on PSN but if you have Dreams, many of the assets/music/logic would be made available to the community. Remember that assets are no longer outside of the potential of Dreams. Everything in Dream is made in Dreams. That means the DLC revenue MM got from LBP with things like new powers, costumes, stickers, gadgets etc, are no longer a viable solution for a sustainable revenue stream. That's because the community can replicate them perfectly within Dreams. 

My guess would be:

Patches: Free
PSN games: £15 - £25 (assets made available to Dreams owners)
Imp costumes (possibly)
PSN games made by the community: In to years (Sony taking a cut)

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