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COKTOE said:
It's near, or maybe even already at the point where I don't have the energy to discuss the antics of Activision, EA, Konami, Ubisoft, ect anymore. At least in any depth. Same thing with Trump. I feel like I gassed out throwing haymakers in the 3rd round, and my opponent is still standing. I will say this though ( yet again ): I stopped buying Activison games with COD: World At War ( although Diablo 3 did sneak past by accident ), and EA games with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Welcome to the club. I hope you can stick with it. I'm telling you, everything in your life will improve. Even food will taste better.

Gotta try this. I haven't bought a game from EA in ages but I'm still feeling sore from the last game I bought from Activision (Destiny 1). Unfortunately, I can't join you before I've bought Spyro Trilogy and Crash Team Racing.