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axumblade said:
JEMC said:
As usual, thanks for your work, axum.

The new format looks good and it's easy to read on Firefox unlike previous editions. I have to say, tho (and I don't know if it's on purpose or not), that all the text on your second post is grey, which makes it hard to read.

About the numbers, It still amazes me how so many people can vote for games we know absolutely nothing about like Metroid Prime 4, and also how close Nintendo and Sony are. And PC has more votes and points than XboxOne... wow.

There we go. I kept trying to edit your post instead of replying to it. I did not mean to make all of the text in the 2nd post gray but I'll edit it when I get home. Are you using the dark mode or light mode for VGChartz? 

The light one. I haven't used the dark mode yet.

Please excuse my bad English.

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