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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
GribbleGrunger said:

Don't worry, you can't be as bad as me. Now I've seen what other people have done, I feel even worse. 

We'll have to see! 

This might be the only game besides fighting games where I actually look up tips and stuff haha. 

Trust me, you will ...

SvennoJ said:
I hope they improved the way to find the good user creations. LBP was plagued with trophy levels and other nonsense, like mine I'll like yours etc. There will probably be lists on websites as for Mario Maker to find the good stuff. Hopefully there will be a section with the best VR levels :)

It's everything you'd ever want. You can search for specific genres and different disciplines like music, art, sculptures, games etc. You can search for most liked, newest additions and highest praised (can't remember exactly what that last one was called). You can follow a creator. You can go into the games that are made, check what assets it has, pick an asset and then go directly to the person that made it or follow him/her. 

Following creators is going to yield the best results, as it did in LBP. I've just been browsing through some character creations and people are not prepared for what they're going to see. They're even beyond what I expected and I had what I thought was realistic expectations.  


The PS5 Exists.