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COKTOE said:
KBG29 said:
I'm excited for it, but I'm not really the creative type. I enjoy seeing the work of others, and if possible kicking some cash their way.

I fully understand that Dreams is Creativity Engine for PlayStation though. It is a tool to build any game, video, music, app, book, and beyond, that you can Dream up. I just hope Sony puts in some way to reward the creators. They are the life blood, treat them well, and Dreams could open up the creative flood gates on the PS Ecosystem. Looking long term, if Dreams is supported by PS4, PSVR, PS5, and PSVR2, it could be the sinlge most important piece of software Sony has ever released.

I honestly think the best thing Sony could do with Dreams is make it free, and make money on royalties. I would go as far as making it one of the permanent Icons on the PS4 OS. Make absolute sure, that everyone that has a PS4 has access to Dreams. Follow that with a great pay structure for created content, and they can make this into something really special.

You often have interesting ideas within your posts, and this is no exception. Not sure how the pay structure you reference would work, and highly doubt we'll see a system where Sony is paying users for content on Dreams. I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. Like you, I'm thinking this will play out for me as LBP did, where I'm trying out the work of others, as opposed to creating my own content.

They could give some PSN credit to the creators. "Create games for others to pay for your own games", could work very well without being too complicated for Sony, and it keeps the money in the Playstation ecosystem. 

Honestly, they could even put Dreams on the PS5 OS, which would at the same time make lots of small games to play while waiting for more big hitters after launch.