Mr Puggsly said:
zorg1000 said:

$200 is likely too much as well.

No, they can't get away with a higher price by adding other stuff because that goes against the point of these classic systems. They are meant to be impulse purchases for people with nostalgia, adding in other features that people dont want does nothing but jack up the price.

These are not just impulse purchase items. I mean $80-$100 is a good chunk of change to play old games. So they need to have appealing games to justify it.

You seem to think a X1S should be priced competitively with low spec box that just plays some built in retro games? Not gonna happen. Again, I am really suggesting a special edition X1S.

Sub-$100 is absolutely impulse purchase range for the average working adult in first world countries.

I do not think that and I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. I'm saying your idea will not work for the people that these classic systems cater to, which is nostalgic lapsed gamers.

Lapsed gamers are people who played games growing up but for one reason or another very seldomly play games (or quit altogether) as an adult. Many of these people still have a soft spot for the games of their childhood/teen years and will buy a cheap device to play a dozen or so of these old games they loved.

Since these people are not gamers anymore, the ability to play current generation games does not really do much, if anything, to add value so a $200 X1S that plays today's $60 games will not be as enticing as a $100 Xbox Classic with 20 pre-installed games.


With that said, I dont think a special edition X1S like you suggest is a bad idea, just that it shouldn't be used to replace classic consoles. Both options would be ideal.

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