Mr Puggsly said:
zorg1000 said:
The Mini/Classic devices are mainly for collectors and lapsed gamers who want it for nostalgia.
For these people, a current generation console probably isnt really worth it and would rather just have a $70-100 mini system instead of a $200-300 modern console.

$300 would be too expenisive, which is why I suggested $199.

Also, you could get away with a higher price if its does more than play a collection of games built in. If anything I'm really suggesting a tribute Xbox One S.

$200 is likely too much as well.

No, they can't get away with a higher price by adding other stuff because that goes against the point of these classic systems. They are meant to be impulse purchases for people with nostalgia, adding in other features that people dont want does nothing but jack up the price.

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