Mr Puggsly said:

The PS1 Mini just fails at almost everything. Amazing Sony let this happen. But like I said before, I can excuse the games selected but using slower PAL games and poor performance is what I cant accept.

Actually expected better of Sony. But that is okay. Saves me some money I guess.
The only praise I can give it... Is the design of the plastic shell. Everything else... From the choice of SoC, the controllers, the emulation quality, the choice of games... Bad form.

Mr Puggsly said:

I agree OG Xbox emualtion needs more games on X1. But I really feel only like ~100 games at best matter. And much if that is definitely feasible to acquire given what MS has been able to do with 360 games.

It will come in time. - I actually thought Microsoft was going to port it's OG Xbox emulator to Xbox One at some point as all the hard work was already done, but I guess licensing has changed since the Xbox 360 days... I actually thought Microsoft did a fantastic job on emulating OG Xbox games on the 360, it was one of the reasons I bought the 360, so emulating the Xbox 360 emulator on the Xbox One I would have been fine with. Haha

On the flip side, it allows Microsoft to go back and look at where it's emulation efforts fell short and clean things up.

Mr Puggsly said:

I'm not just talking about using the X1 internals, it would be a X1 with OG Xbox shell essentially. That way you get a device that does significantly more than play some OG Xbox games. It already emulates OG games really well, it improves them for HD televisions and now all we need if more games supported.

Well. I would rather a classic console in the traditional sense, the Xbox One S internals are pretty overkill for OG Xbox emulation, so cost cutting can be done.
...Heck, in some aspects it's overkill for Xbox 360 emulation... But with cutbacks they could increase CPU and GPU clocks to fix up where the Xbox One S falls short.

d21lewis said:
Unfortunately (at least for me), the draw of these "mini" consoles is the nostalgia factor. I don't really have nostalgia for the original Xbox despite it having some great games. With the original only garnering twenty something million in sales, I don't think it would be a huge success.

There is a ton of nostalgia. I have played my SNES Classic to death. - And once you hack these devices, they get even better.

Any classic Xbox would need to push Halo and Fable though, without it... It would be derided I think. And fair enough.

SvennoJ said:

PS1 also doesn't have that much of a nostalgia factor. It was my first self bought console, yet I don't have great memories of the 3D games on it apart from MGS and Wipeout 2097. A PS2 mini would do a lot better. I still have one hooked up yet it's a hassle with them old inputs, wired controllers and top loading discs.

I would have personally still purchased it even with a poor selection of games... I would have simply loaded in my favorite games (Mostly 2D affairs) once the console got cracked open.
The issue however is that the emulator and chipset is so poor, that it makes even that prospect fairly useless.

Mr Puggsly said:

I believe having good games is more important than the nostalgia factor. Thats why we dont get as excited about the Genesis or Atari collections, the games arent as strong or have been released already too many times.

I have the Atari and Genesis "HD Classics". - They are fine for what they are... And I would even make the assertion that are even better than Sony's efforts, even with all the bloatware.
AT Games obviously sold a few and made a good profit to release 8-9 iterations as well.

Mr Puggsly said:

I've had a few too many bad experience with the 360's emulation. Enough to buy a OG Xbox and play games that way.

You missed my point about the 360 no longer being manufactured. That's why I'm suggesting using the X1S hardware.

Yeah. The Xbox 360's chipset would be to expensive to manufacture these days, better off with ARM or a semi-custom AMD design.
The Xbox One S is good, but I feel it sits a notch higher on the pricing spectrum for it to be in the reach for the nostalgic gamer.

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