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Interesting list. Some of the big names at the start of the PS3/360 generation it seems.

MGS4 was a game I dreamed of playing for years and years. It took me a while to get a PS3 and then the game itself cause I originally wanted to get the complete collection bundle (I just got the individual game in the end, lol). I have to say, it's definitely not the 10/10 people were claiming it was at the time. The story jumped the shark way too many times and the gameplay seemed still like it was still trying to figure out modern shooter conventions. Yet it's still a highly entertaining game with memorable moments, characters and a perfect final boss. Oh and the part where you pilot a Metal Gear is badass as fuck.

GTA IV is a game that also got a lot of hype and hate in later years. I've also dreamed of playing it and when I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's limited in some ways in comparison to SA. But I just love the gritty ambiance and the story, while not perfect, it's a definite improvement over what came before. It's my favorite GTA to date (and I still get weird looks when I say this, lol).

GoW: Chains of Olympus is one of the best experiences on the PSP. It's one of the first games I truly enjoyed from the console. I remember the final boss was freaking HARD. She killed you in 2-3 hits in the harder difficulties. I kept thinking it was a "supposed-to-lose-fight" and I just had to endure a bit before something happened and the fight got more balanced. Nope, lol. Still, it's one of the jewels in the PSP's library for sure.