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John2290 said:
What the hell is up with Monster Hunter world and RDR2. Both of them have HDR settings but it's more like anti HDR, the picture gets more washed out with a narrower range of colour. My TV's HDR effect mode is better at it than that actual HDR in those games. Anyone know of any other good third party Pro enhanced, 4k and HDR games? I've had a go at all the exclusives bar Detroit BH and Horizon is still my favourite, haven't seen anything that gets that good even though Lost legacy does it pretty well also.

Have you tried SotC remake? It's not as in your face as in other titles yet it greatly enhances the game. Tetris Effect is lovely in HDR yet only 1080p.

I have all the settings enabled on tv and pro but I rather run without the breakout box anyway. It must be adding some display lag if it's touching the signal. I rather directly connect to the tv and use ARC for sound to keep display lag to a minimum. The random blackouts happened without the breakout box and stopped after switching the ps4 pro to HDCP 1.4. It wasn't frequent, most days not at all, yet when you are in the middle of an online race and the screen blacks out for 1 second in a corner, not good.