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As reported on the ResetEra forums Grasshopper is going trough a lot of changes which include a new office located in a different building from other GungHo employees, a reduction from 35 to 20 staff members and a capital decrease from 50 to 10 milion yen (roughly 90k USD or 80k EUR).


While most of these details could warn Suda51 and Grasshopper fans, the report also includes another interesting detail, since it now lists a new "Major Client" in Nintendo, which is surprising given Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a self-published title, so Nintendo shouldn't appear among Grassopper's clients despite the game being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. This lead many to believe Nintendo could have reached out to Grasshopper to publish a new game, namely No More Heroes 3, or possibly even trying to purchase Suda51's team.


What do you think is going on ? Is Nintendo trying to make a new aquisition, is this just a one deal occurance or is Grasshopper about to go bankrupt ?