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Ka-pi96 said:
S.Peelman said:

At the risk of starting someting, which I don’t want to because I don’t really want to derail the thread, I can’t help but mention I’ll never understand this mentality of a lot of British people.

I can understand not feeling “European” in the sense of not feeling part of the EU or part of the same family of peoples as the mainland because you’re kind of isolated, but geographically you are undeniably a part of Europe. You live on a piece of land that’s part of the continent of Europe. You live in Europe. It’s like if people from Corsica would say they’re not European. Heck most Russians live in Europe.

It's just like flat earthers. Some people just think their opinion > facts

I suppose you could argue that Europe doesn't really exist as a geological continent. But then the UK would just be part of Eurasia instead. Although regardless of whether it's European or Eurasian, the UK is undeniably one of them.

No its not like that at all. I know Britain is in Europe, and im sure the other guy knows Norway is in Europe,  but for me Im English first then British, European would never even be considered. I mean think of this, if i went to the USA and spoke, with my accent, would they be like 'Oh wow, your're European"!!! Haha no would they fuck, they would say British. Anyway lets agree that yes Britian is in  Europe and Nope i cant identify as European. Sorry that upsets you so much.