Pemalite said:
flashfire926 said:

Actually, there are about 55 or so enhanced games. You forgot that all the OG xbox games are enhanced too, running at 1920p.

So... 57 games out of 563 titles are enhanced. (OG+360) Not a real significant number either way, certainly not worth jumping onto an Xbox One X for just yet as we have no idea how long this scheme will stick around.

The Xbox 360 at this point is probably the better device to play Original Xbox games anyway, it can play more Original Xbox titles... And those consoles can be picked up super cheaply.

Doesnt the OG xbox BC with 360 have a myriad of technical issues and problems?

Well yeah, those 57 games aren't worth enough themselves, but they are a huge bonus in addition to the current gen enhanced games that are already enhanced.

Though I still hope they add more OG Xbox games (GTA 3, Vice City, Burnout 3, Jet Set Radio Future, etc). 30 games is way too little , especially looking at the fact that we got 500+ 360 titles.

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