HollyGamer said:

Trying to comparing Anaconda to  Xbox One X  is not correct , because Xbox Scorpio (X) technology to the original Xbox One is 2 generation leap . It means to be comparable and to be called premium it need two generational leap like Xbox One X is. Remember Xbox One is 1,3 teraflpo with the price 300 USD while Xbox One X is 6 teraflop with  500 USD in 4 years gap.  

Anaconda can be called premium if it 4 years gap , it's not just the price. But they can make it premium if it's price around 1000 USD. Because Xbox One X if it was released in 2013 it would have been price around 1000 USD. 

Flops has no correspondence to a console generation.

Next gen consoles, if they use the same Graphics Core Next derived hardware is essentially all the same GPU generation from the PC's perspective.

Mr Puggsly said:

Instead I feel like they would just push the X1X at $249, maybe there would be a remodel to make it cheaper to produce as well.

They would have to.
There are a few components in the Xbox One X which isn't super cheap to produce like the power delivery and the vapor chamber, so a stripped down model would do some big favors from a pricing point of view.

Cerebralbore101 said:
I have to hand it to MS. They sure are handling the backwards compatibility nicely. Xbox 360 ran some of the best OG Xbox games. XB1 runs most of the good 360/XB games. XB1X runs those XB/XB360 games at 60 FPS and a higher resolution.

Only a very tiny amount (25~ games in total out of 530~) of backwards compatible games run at a higher resolution on the Xbox One X.

ironmanDX said:
Yeah, I'll just get the Scarlett pro. I want my disc drive and games powered locally for at least one more generation. Let xCloud simmer and jump in when the tech is mature enough that even core gamers would be pressed to tell the difference.

I think I'll go for a cheaper disc-based model initially and migrate that into the spare room when the mid-generation high-end console drops.

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