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darkknightkryta said:
Mnementh said:

Yeah, still kinda low in a paid game.

Ads or Capcom cuts off support for the game?  Updates aren't cheap and the money coming in is most likely less than the money going into development.  Sales for season 3 season pass was probably terrible, which is most likely why they didn't announce a season pass for season 4.  Besides, the way Capcom Cup played out, they probably put the ads into the game to streamline things for tournament streams.  They're probably also gearing up for F2P SF V or SF VI will launch F2P.

lol, how many other games have online play without slapping ads into your game. Plus it’s not like this is a mega blockbuster online title with hundreds of thousands of players requiring loads of server support, this is a fighter with pretty meh sales. Publishers typically support further development on titles via revenue from sales and DLC. Here you have a game that already has almost a free to play progression system requiring loads of grinding (unless you wanna pay more of course) which lead to lower sales, and instead of oh idk, making a better system or game or better expansions, they double down on the douchebaggery by putting ads in the game. And of course they offer you a fight money bonus for leaving them on, because they know that full priced game you bought has a very not full priced game progression system, so people will be very eager to get more fight money in any way possible.

Shitty move from one of the shittiest pubs in the industry. I’m happy to think of all the Xbone/PS4/Switch games ive bought this gen and maybe Dead Rising 3 and 4 are the only Capcom ones? I’m doing God’s work.