Scarlet, Anaconda, Lock hart??? I am confuse.

I believe Scarlet are the family names of all the future Xbox devices on one environment. One of the device will be Anaconda for premium one 500 USD (i bet it will not be that far from Lockhart spec) . The normal one will be Lockhart which is just another Xbox One X on slim factor that can play Anaconda games on 1080p .

The problem is for Anaconda , calling it premium is overstatement , because Xbox One X to Xbox One S tech is over 2 generation leap. Comparing Lockhart to Anaconda is just like comparing Xbox One to PS4. And cannot be compared to Xbox On to Xbox One X.

And also if LockHart is going to play Anaconda games at 1080 p games, why wouldn't they just release Anaconda games on Xbox One X and make it run at 1080p???