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Okay, let's play an interesting game. Pick one character from each company that you think is the most likely to appear in Smash Brothers. While it is a very real possibility that Nintendo's representatives will fill more than one spot in the DLC roster, pick one anyways to fit in with the game. If you can, explain why you chose the characters you did  


...Featuring Dante (from the Devil May Cry series) 

"Monster Hunter" (from the Monster Hunter series)

Claire Redfield (from the Resident Evil series)

Chris Redfield (from the Resident Evil series) 

Jill Valentine (from the Resident Evil series) 

Leon Kennedy (from the Resident Evil series) 

Pheonix Wright (from the Ace Attorney series)


Square Enix: 

Main Character of Dragon Quest 11 

Erdrick (from the Dragon Quest series)

Slime (from the Dragon Quest series) 

Sora (from the Kingdom Hearts series)

Noctis (from the Final Fantasy series) 

Lightning (from the Final Fantasy series)

2B (from the Nier series)

Geno (from the Super Mario RPG game)

Also I have not seen anyone mention this ... but a very unlikely option is that Square Enix takes the data of the most popular Octopath characters (which they've gotten from multiple surveys), and request the top 2-3 be made into a single Smash character which transforms into the separate characters, similar to the Pokemon trainer. 


Bandai Namco:

Dark Souls rep (from the Dark Souls series)

Heihachi Mishima (from the Tekken series)

Lloyd Irving (from the Tales of series)

Yuri Lowell (from the Tales of series)

Goku (from the Dragonball series ... licensing hell, please don't complain that I even listed this option) 



Pokemon Gen 8 rep (.......come on, you know what series)

Fire Emblem Three Houses rep (...) 

The Legend of Zelda rep (...) 

Rex (from the Xenoblade series)


If there's some obvious choices I'm missing out of these four companies, I'll update the list later. 

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 16 December 2018