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As a Final Fantasy, Koei Games, and JRPG fanboy, I didn't think this game would stand a chance.

World of Warcraft. It is my #1 game, but I truly didn't expect anything from it. Going to Walmart or wherever I got it from I looked at the back of the box as I did often with many PC games. Never played Warcraft, barely played Starcraft, didn't even know they were the same developers. It looked cool, so we decided to get it.

When we got home we had many unfortunate things happen. First was the install and download on dial up internet, that took 3 days. Next was the fact that it was an online game, so we had to set up accounts and stuff and pay $15 a month AFTER paying $40, no way anyone sane would do that. We finally get into the game and as you can imagine dial up internet sucks and could barely play the game, but to make matters worse my computer was basically the minimum specs or less. Many things sucked but in the end it was the greatest game I ever played.