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Barozi said:
contestgamer said:

There is no "right" decision. There is simply the will of the people. No one asked for it to take 3 years, that's just how it played out. You cant have a double standard here - if you vote NO then there's no 3 year decision to make so ergo we dont need a revote according to your logic. The election wasnt forced to happen when it did.

So would you ignore the will of the people to do another referendum?
It was well known that it would take at least 2 years, it was part of the contract, so you're wrong.

Doesnt make logical sense. You're ignoring the will of the people that voted no in order to hear the will of the people that want to vote again?

A vote was cast. Whether it takes 2 years of 5 doesn't matter. A decision was made. Millions of people voted that may now be dead, who died with a sense of satisfaction that they believed they left a better future for their kids and grand kids with their vote. You don't get to wait 2 years for people you dont like to die so you can get your way with a revote. You can have another referendum sometime in the future - I say it should be as many years away from today as this first referendum was from when the UK originally joined the EU for fairness. In the meantime a vote was cast and it should be enacted.