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contestgamer said:
dark_gh0st_b0y said:

It really was the biggest democratic exercise, but with many flaws:

- both sides exaggerated in their campaigns giving a very deluded picture to the people, this was very easy to do since promises were based on predictions (Leave campaign's is proving to be the most distant from reality- £350m extra for the run by EU staff NHS anyone?)
- Leave campaigns broke the spending law at least once, how is the referendum democratic if one side broke the fair play law? not to mention taking advantage of people's personal information to promote targeted facebook ads, most of them filled with lies
- Scotland and N.Ireland are being dragged out against their will, there is a real risk for Scotexit or NIrexit, especially with no deal, the break up of the kingdom is the worst possible outcome, would make no deal a real devastation
- the Irish border was barely taken into account during the campaigns but turned out to be a real issue

Leave won but the result was very close, going with no deal would ignore the 48%, hence May's deal is the right thing to do

if not, taking into account the actual facts, people must be asked if this is really the path they want to take, since it will affect the country for decades, and mostly the young people who had no say 2.5 years ago

2nd referendum = more democracy

10th referendum = even more democracy

1 a month referendum = even more

practically impossible since negotiations take 2 years and referendum legislation 6 months to pass, so one every 3 years max

EU membership is a long term thing, business and governments must know where to invest and direct their biggest projects, hope that answers your ironic reply ;)

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^