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Barozi said:
phinch1 said:

Well..... Unfortunately that's how a vote works, the one with the most votes winst he one with the least loses, you could say that about anything though, since the last General election, how many people have died and how many people have become eligible to vote, let's have another election, we have new talent in the England team, let's have a go at the 2018 World Cup again 

You obviously don't seem to know why you do a general election every 4 or 5 years instead of every year. The government can't implement everything they promise within such a short period of time. You wouldn't even notice what has changed and which party is responsible for it. Also the MPs would spend more time with campaigning than doing politics. A stable coalition government wouldn't be possible, since you're constantly fighting for votes.

Also this is still not a reason not do do another referendum. You just pointed at something different (a referendum is not an election after all) and then concluded that this must be true for this as well. By March 2019, the last referendum will be almost 3 years old. Also I hope you realize that the last referendum was only advisory at the time. Voting Leave or Remain didn't have any legal consequences


So if we'd have voted to remain, it would have only been advisory ? We should have had another vote nearly 3 years later? And every three years then on?