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Faelco said:
colafitte said:

Have you played all the valkyries....??, that last one is REEEEEEEEEALLY TOUGH. 

I prefer bosses when they're like the size of Kratos. Happened the same to me in Blooborne, the best battles were against other hunters. When you fight a giant beast it always feel clunky to me.

I always read this, but the last valkyrie was the easiest for me. Just had to remember how I did to avoid the attacks of the previous ones, and I killed her on the first or second try. Of course, it was only in normal difficulty (or hard? don't remember), but anyway, I had a lot more trouble with some other valkyries. The last one was a lot of fun though, can't deny that! 

Oh, i played it on hard (hard is way more difficult than normal in that combat) and i needed hours of trying to beat her, with my best equipment, while the others only needed a few attempts. Every attack from her kills you automatically, and in higher difficulties she uses different attacks.

Playing GOW on hard or in god of war difficulty is a different and better experience than in normal. It's like with TLOU. I played directly the first time in hard, and every time you overcame a difficult section, the calm that followed was ...almost spiritual. Gameplay at the service of the story, immersing you in the game making you feel the same stress the character is going through.

Last edited by colafitte - on 15 December 2018