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smroadkill15 said:
DonFerrari said:

They didn't drop much on their main markets (USA and UK), in fact they tracked ahead on those for about 3 years, so how would you explain almost zero impact on their main markets with they dropping dead everywhere else? Did only people outside of USA and UK watch the presentation?

They took several years to be able to put the price on market acceptance while never being cheaper than X360. X1 solved most of the issues even before release (always online, DRM, TV, etc), had more exclusives at launch and before even 1 year in the market always sold cheaper than PS4.

There are way more dedicated xbox fans in the USA than anywhere else. It's the only reason why is sold well in the USA initial. Xbox isn't nearly as popular in the rest of the world to begin with compared to Sony, so once Xbox lost most of them, it was over, and they went to the PS4 instead. 

It doesn't matter. Once that word of mouth spread about what the X1 was doing, people jumped ship. I knew people that didn't even know X1 fixed most of the issues, 2 years later. The damage had already been done.  

I don't think he lives in the US so he doesn't really understand how disastrous the reveal was in Microsoft's biggest territory.

It took years just for the average Joe to understand you didn't need to be online at all times and that you could buy/sell used games. And then all you were left with was a weaker console at a similar price, and the PS4 had already become the mainstream console in the US by that time so a lot of people just went with what their friends had.

He's not applying any context to the reveals at all, which is where his mistake is. Sony built up a giant fanbase with PSone and PS2. Playstation is a more well known worldwide brand. They can afford a fuck up like $600 and have it not kill their product, see: PS3. Even if he was right that the PS3 reveal and launch was worse than Xbone (it wasn't), that still doesn't mean it was as damaging to the brand as the Xbone reveal was to Xbox, which was the point the user he quoted was making anyway.