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smroadkill15 said:
Overall, solid numbers. Still not what MS would be hoping for by this time. If they didn't have that terrible reveal/PR in 2013, who knows how this gen would have turned out. Sony likely would have won, but it would've been closer. MS had a hard pill to swallow this gen. At least like they are on the right track going forward.

They didn't drop much on their main markets (USA and UK), in fact they tracked ahead on those for about 3 years, so how would you explain almost zero impact on their main markets with they dropping dead everywhere else? Did only people outside of USA and UK watch the presentation?

smroadkill15 said:
DonFerrari said:

PS3 had a much worse reveal, price and time to cut down costs... still outsold the competitor that had more time on the market, more games available upfront, lower price and all.

Not even close man. Sony's was like, them lighting the kitchen on fire, but putting it out before it got too out of hand. While MS tried to use oil (Don Mattrick) to put the fire out, but made it worse, and had to call the fire department (Phil Spencer) to put it out. That is probably a terrible analogy, but my point is, MS was worse. 

They took several years to be able to put the price on market acceptance while never being cheaper than X360. X1 solved most of the issues even before release (always online, DRM, TV, etc), had more exclusives at launch and before even 1 year in the market always sold cheaper than PS4.

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