So, it turns out that for all my hesitation (I had promised myself to buy a Switch only when MP4 comes out, as a Wii U disappointee) I had a moment of madness or something and when I saw an offer for Switch plus Mario Kart and Smash Bros, for the same price as a Switch goes on its own (UK, Curry's) I just jumped the gun.

Now, I'm waiting for the new family member to arrive, my first new Nintendo console since purchasing 3DS and Wii U, both on their respective launch day. To say I'm excited is to understate things!

I know that, as a PS4 Pro owner, I'm unlikely to play most third party software that appeared on both systems. I also don't want games that look or play better on PS4 Pro. But I do want to focus on games that make sense on the go, third party, indies or otherwise. I also do not really want most Wii U ports, as I already have these games. I have identified Diablo 3 for Switch, and of course I'll be getting Mario Odyssey (possibly by replacing Mario Kart which I won't be needing as I have it on Wii U).

What else should I consider? I'm happy to hear indie game recommendations as well. I do not have a gaming PC (or any way to game on PC), so Steam gems are good with me as well!

Thanks for the recommendations in advance!

Last edited by Helloplite - on 13 December 2018