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DonFerrari said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Very misleading thread title then...

Nope, it is in the titles "one of the biggest fails", so the title is talking about the biggest failures.

OTBWY said:

Nonsense my dude. You should not even have mentioned LABO because at the end of the day, it is not a commercial failure. Yet, you became defensive over some tat that failed in every aspect. That is why LABO came into the mix. Bad call man.

Not a comercial failure? If after 6 months in the market it doesn't sell the initial shipment that is a fail, it also didn't manage to help sales of Switch on first half of the year.

Defensive of PSmini? When was that if I have acknowledge that it failed?

Yet it did sell over a million units at a much higher pricepoint aimed at a specific audience. That is a special edition price sold each time. You bet that it made them money lol. Anyway, you were the one who brought it in when it shouldn't have been. This was about the PS Classic, a classic console that failed so why?