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dx11332sega said:

I Say this because Microsoft dont get games that Sony gets like the many anime fighting games and street fighter 5 and the enourmous amount of Exclusive PSN games . I t doesn't matter if Microsoft has 16 first parties Sony has more japanese support than Microsoft while American devs do both . And the many PSvita japanese devs going to PS4/PS5 while those PSvita devs and others ignore microsoft . Unless Phil Spencer convinces those Japanese devs so far :(

All of those PSVita devs are more likely to make games for Switch or both Switch and PS4.  Given the portable nature of the Switch and how the Japanese market is, the PS4/5 will never get the same support the VITA did while another portable option is available.  Sooner rather than later, 3rd party Japanese support will hit both systems at best, outside of the most visually demanding games (which also go to XBox).

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