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So, let's get ride of the word objective.  What downside is there to an optional assist mode.  Assuming the game is otherwise well made and balanced, why should this in any way make anyone enjoy the game less?

Gameplay. It is always about gameplay. This thread is a veiled thread about Souls, because be real, no one really makes a fuss about anything else. You can't tell me there is serious outrage about something like Funky Kong in Tropical Freeze. There might be a few here and there, but no real thing. So the one game series it boils down to is Souls. And here is the thing: it is not about difficulty, it is about gameplay. Many people, the majority, wants fast gameplay, they react fast and snippy to stuff. If you try that in Souls it gets you killed. Because it has a different gameplay. Which is okay. There is a group of people - much smaller - who enjoys this slower gameplay. But some people of the first group think it is a game for them. They go in expecting that, and it doesn't work.

I can't hear anymore about the difficulty of Souls, because it really isn't. Most games that praise themself as hard as a Souls game are in reality much harder. Souls gets easy - if you played it how it was designed. Now adding more HP or giving your attack more power would make the game easier (and I don't think anyone actually is against that), but it wouldn't solve the problem of the complainers. Because still running in guns blazing would get you killed.

So I can't hear anymore about that easy mode for Souls, because in reality people want to say: I want Dark Souls, but it must be a different game. I wish From Software would add an actual easy mode - cheaper progression would do the trick quite easily - so that the complainers are finally shut up. Because they would still hate the game but hadn't any way anymore to propose 'a fix'.

You say you can't hear it anymore, so what are you doing here?

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