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zorg1000 said:
thismeintiel said:

Sorry, but that's not how I remember it.  How next gen would play out was completely up in the air.  360 fans thought MS would continue to make gains with the help of their infinite cash reserves.  PS3 fans thought the PS4 would make a comeback because Sony learned from their mistakes.  Nintendo fans were completely torn one of three ways.  Some agreed with the PS3 fans.  Some agreed with the 360 fans.  Still others thought it was the end of consoles as we knew it.  There were quite a few people who thought that if the Wii U was struggling this much, and it was the successor to the highly popular Wii, than the PS4 and XBO didn't have a prayer.  So no, a PS comeback was far from the consensus on this site.

You do realize what you are saying agrees with my initial point, right?

Except it really doesn't.  You downplayed his comment as if it was a very small minority on this site that felt that way.  It was not, however.  It was a sizable portion of the site.