Mnementh said:
JWeinCom said:

Uhhhh... ok... but that really didn't answer my question in the least.

I answered that I have no problem with an easy mode in Dark Souls, it just doesn't solve your problem.

Say, you play Mario, but you never jump. You constantly fall into the first pit and die. So you demand an easy mode. Nintendo hears you and let's say give Mario invulnerability against enemies or so. You play the patched game with high hopes, but you still don't jump and so you fall into the first pit and die.

People these days have reduced their gaming options of few gameplay variants. I have played games for more than 25 years and seen a lot of gameplay ideas. These days on the typical consoles we have mostly shooters, action games, some action RPGs and Sports. Puzzlers or turn-based RPGs are already awful niche. Now comes the Switch and has a lot of games which are metroidvanias, platformers or strategy. And people accustomed to the other consoles say: Switch has no games. Because they don't even recognize the different gameplays. Same with Dark Souls. People expect it to play like say God of War, Darksiders or Zelda. And going in with that expectation they aren't seeing that the gameplay is actually different. So it is like playing Mario without jumping: they will fail. But instead of recognizing the different gameplay, they think the game is hard and demand an easy mode. Only it will solve nothing. They still won't jump. because they aren't recognizing a different gameplay if they see it. And yeah, all the git gud stuff - it means play the game like it is intended instead of playing a different game, while having the Dark Souls disk inserted.

Uhhhhhhh... I've never played Dark Souls... and don't really intend to... and I have never mentioned Dark Souls.  So, again, I have no idea how this answers my question in any way.

But I guess I'll address it anyway.  Sometimes games have levels that for whatever reason are too hard.  I absolutely hated the sun level in Mario Bros 3.  So, I used a P Wing on it every time.  Then I went on to enjoy the rest of the game.  I knew how to jump, I wasn't trying to play Mario like Mega Man or something, I just didn't like and had difficulty with that part of the game.

The P Wing let you skip levels.  Nowadays there are other ways to skip levels implemented in games.  And people for some reason have a problem with it.  You don't have to use a P-Wing or Funky Kong or whatever.  It's an option that makes the game better for some people, like my 6 year old self.  And I don't understand how such features would in any way make the game less enjoyable for anyone else.