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RDR2 has a couple hours that are basically a tutorial but after that there’s nothing slow or story driven about it. I’ve got over 50 hours in the game and have barely touched the story. I hunt, do side quests, and hunt bounties. Plus there’s RDR Online now.

Whats up with all this nonsense about a guy who owns both platforms and played both games? If he wasn’t into Sony exclusives he wouldn’t have bought it. 

There's nothing fast paced or action pack about it either.To say GOW is boring is reaching.And you think because he owns or says he owns both consoles does means he isn't bias to the moon and back,ha.Anyway to each his own and that's the end of this topic for me.

And BINGO was his name oh!

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Lmao this is funny because RDR2 is a far slower paced, story driven game. I've completed god of war on the new game plus and it's gameplay is on a completely different level. 


As good as red dead is a lot of people are over 10 hours in and wondering when it picks up. Most say chapter 3 but that's a long way in. 


@OP I celebrated like a maniac when this won. So well deserved. Delighted to see my game of the gen win. I must have great taste! 

I know- I couldn’t believe it won. I literally yelled “YES!” and pumped my fist in excitement lol was so happy that they had won. 

Oh you should have seen me. It was like I was hitting an invisible punching bag. Epic celebrations on my end. Just sheer joy that my favorite game ever got its just reward.

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Not much room for opinions here.

I've played about 1/4 of the game based on video guides. Just for the record.

On the contrary.   We r all entitled to our opinions..  I  can understand if you didnt like the game, but what I was arguing is the fact that u called it a linear /tight corridors type game (im paraphrasing) whn in really is the complete opposite.  Thats why I questioned if u actually played the game.🤷‍♂️   The game really starts to shine once it opens up.   

  Okay, enough of that.  Lets celebrate great games!!    Cant wait to play the next entry!!  

Exactly. I read lots of people say the first 10 hours of RDR2 was super slow but it really opens up after Chapter 3. They could easily say the game and call it shit if they stopped there but most give games a chance and don't give up. 

For the record I loved the first few hours of GOW but it definitely got better the longer you play and level up/unlocked knew moves. The new game plus run was even better still. Being fully upgraded with all the moves from the start. Just epic. GOTG.

@CGI love those screens.