Kerotan said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Uh huh, just because I find the slow paced story driven game kinda boring.

Frankly, maybe it did deserve it. I need to look at the full list of what released in 2019. I rather play RDR or Odyssey, but thats my personal taste.

Lmao this is funny because RDR2 is a far slower paced, story driven game. I've completed god of war on the new game plus and it's gameplay is on a completely different level. 


As good as red dead is a lot of people are over 10 hours in and wondering when it picks up. Most say chapter 3 but that's a long way in. 


@OP I celebrated like a maniac when this won. So well deserved. Delighted to see my game of the gen win. I must have great taste! 

I know- I couldn’t believe it won. I literally yelled “YES!” and pumped my fist in excitement lol was so happy that they had won.