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Immersiveunreality said:

I do love the slow paced gameplay but its understandable it can be a personal negative, the game as a whole is innovating for the genre and it's for a big part next level and a build up from games like The witcher 3 that also did the open world nicely in my opinion and the only thing about this game that annoys me is how the clumsiness of animation from the main character can get into the way of needingly fast reaction when doing missions .I heard some complains about the length of the game that i do find a noncomplaint myself, as for me its a lengthy enjoyment and if i need i will just take a break and play other games in between.

I also would have liked more options to spend money and change the world around you with money like lets say investing it in property and/or remaining militia.

So yeah overall i really really enjoy this game and it does deserve a lot of praise for the things that make it shine.

I read that a lot. I've played the game extensively and it is great, yet what is innovative about it? The only thing 'new' or advanced is the weather system. Just curious as I can't think of anything else.