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Mr Puggsly said:

Uh huh, just because I find the slow paced story driven game kinda boring.

Frankly, maybe it did deserve it. I need to look at the full list of what released in 2019. I rather play RDR or Odyssey, but thats my personal taste.

Lol this is why some "opinions" makes no sense you say you don't like slow paced,story driven games,when that's exactly what RDR2 is.Hell the game takes at least 2 hours to even get going.I think you prefer those games because they're not Sony exclusives but that just my "opinion"

RDR2 has a couple hours that are basically a tutorial but after that there’s nothing slow or story driven about it. I’ve got over 50 hours in the game and have barely touched the story. I hunt, do side quests, and hunt bounties. Plus there’s RDR Online now.

Whats up with all this nonsense about a guy who owns both platforms and played both games? If he wasn’t into Sony exclusives he wouldn’t have bought it.