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Intrinsic said:
Azzanation said:

Well yes and no, GOTY isn't a genre but it is hand picked out of a bunch of games mainly in specific genres. A good example is why wasn't FH4 nominated for GOTY? Not that I am saying it will win it, but neither a fighting game or racing game goes in the GOTY category for some odd reason, probably because they have there own awards at the show, but than that makes it that they choose from specific genres for the GOTY. So its a little weird. 

I am sure other GOTY sites have there own nominees and probably include the other genres but for some reason this event doesn't.


You do realize that every game picked out for GOTY has their own "genre specific" awards right? Eg GOW was also nominated for "best action/adventure game".

There is no conspiracy to anything here. 

So why are Beat saber and Tetris Effect not nominated for best audio design. All the nominated big name games don't do anything innovative with audio. Are PSVR and indie games not allowed to be nominated for a big category :p

At least RDR2 audio was still very good. Yet why is Spiderman in there. There was nothing memorable about the audio or music. Not that it was bad yet I literally can't remember any of the music in that game and I platinumed it. As for RDR2, we've had dynamic building music since SSX 3 and that still did it better than RDR2. What are the criteria for best audio design.

It's just odd to see the same big names appear in as many places as possible. It's all subjective I guess. I would have thought Detroit would trump something traditional as RDR2 for best art design. Detroit actually has art design, RDR2 merely models the past.

Anyway I'm happy there is at least a VR/AR category and Astrobot got acknowledged :) And sad there is no best platformer anymore.