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Mr Puggsly said:
ResilientFighter said:

You always are hating on playstation exclusives sinces you joined this site like a decade ago yet they still find ways to win GOTY or get nominated for it almost every year hmmm interesting, feel free to start an award show where millions worldwide tune in and vote then get important video game people to decide which games are the best each year so someone online calls your choices boring or not great... 

I'm always open to Sony games, they do exceptional story telling, I just find their games kinda boring. Honestly, the most fun I had with a Sony game this gen is Infamous SS. That's clearly relfective of my personal taste and enjoying big action.

God of War is more like walking down corridors and hearing "boy." I just dont get it. Uncharted 4 also sccaled back the action and was a slog. Meanwhile the action focused Uncharted side game was very enjoyable to me.

Not that long ago I replayed the GoW trilogy, that more my personal taste.

You think Im underwhelmed by Sony games because I hate Sony or something. I say thats a stupid thing to assume.

Mr Puggsly, not for nothing, but it sounds like you DID NOT play GoW.  It souds to me like you watched  some videos or just played the first 2 hrs of the game, and you r using that to form your "opinion".... Just FYI, GoW is a "semi-open world" game. 

There is nothing wrong with not liking the game...  no game is meant to b liked by everyone...  but just dont make such statemrnts (at bolded), and make thm sound as facts whn they are clearly not true at all.