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Mr Puggsly said:
DaaaBeast said:

You just won "Salt of the year" award with that coment, bro. God job, well deserved, well desreved 😂😂😂

Uh huh, just because I find the slow paced story driven game kinda boring.

Frankly, maybe it did deserve it. I need to look at the full list of what released in 2019. I rather play RDR or Odyssey, but thats my personal taste.

Did you really only play a few hours of GoW? If yes, you should play more. It opens more and more, and gets less story driven the more you progress. Well, it's still story driven, but you can explore and fight for hours before going back to the story, and the story itself is way faster after a while.

You also have different kinds of trials focused only on gameplay, and it's just a joy to play it.


I didn't play RDR2 yet, but I've read several reviews complaining about it being a documentary, with hours doing nothing, and very slow and outdated/awkward gameplay. From what I've seen, RDR2 wins on the world offered and cinematic feel, GoW wins easily on the gameplay part.