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konnichiwa said:
JRPGfan said:

Just saw the YIIK trailer... whaaaat!? lol that looks awesome (for some reason its steam, PS4, Switch only) (no xbox?)

I recommend you to check to Away out

I never saw something about it ....

Saw that before, think its made by one guy? or something.... that was like a year ago though.  He did a play demo thingy so people could see the world of the game.
Im not feeling "away out", I suspect it ll sell because of the art style and the wackyness of it, but not sure it ll end up being a great game.

Operencia - The stolen Sun, looks more up my alley though, seems like its a steam only title, but it doesnt look too demanding might be worth a try.

*edit:  Lol their doing a DanganRonpa Trilogy collection.