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drinkandswim said:
thegamerpad said:

Fire Emblem, Daemon x machina and mainline Pokemon missing 


i’m doubtful of metroid or Bayonetta 3 in 2019

IMO those are the two biggest titles on the list. They will need some AAA First Party games for next Holiday Season. And even those aren't the biggest sellers. Pokémon is technically the biggest seller on the list. I expect that Nintendo will have a Direct towards the end of this month or in January since they have no release dates set beyond January.

Animal Crossing is a huge seller too.

Metroid Prime and Bayonetta are not big sellers and not the biggest titles on the list.   They help add variety to the Switch and come across as the type of exclusive we would see on a competitor's system, but they are not big sellers even though I personally enjoy them more than most games.

Animal Crossing Wild World and Animal Crossing New Leaf together sold more than every Metroid and Bayonetta game combined