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Very well deserved.

GOW was a reboot of the franchise and went about adventure and RPG and world design like only a few games has ever managed. That level design effect where you know where you are by landmarks and scenery that very few open world games has accomplished. The game was realy a breath of fresh air in so many ways.

I really feel RDR2 is overatted. Its basically the exact same game with a few new mechanics, prettier graphics and thats it. Its a great game... but if you have played RDR or GTA you pretty much know what you are getting.

I also really feel GOW should have won best audio/music too though. Its min them is literally iconic already. That kinda sound that 5 years from now a black screen can be shown with just 4 seconds of its main theme and everyone will know what it is. RDR2 music is already forgettable and generic. IMO, as far as game music goes, not nly should it sound good but it should carry the franchise such that whenever you hear it you know what game it is.

And what does this say about metacritic and review scores? This just adds to my resolved that game reviews are joke.


RDR2. 97MC, 72 User reviews

GOW. 94MC, 92 User reviews

Last edited by Intrinsic - on 07 December 2018