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JamesGarret said:
Ljink96 said:

DQXI, I mean the postgame is kind of amazing in that game. I also prefer a storytelling method like DQXI has compared to Octopath. Music in Octopath is much better than DQXI, combat is deeper but deeper isn't always better imo. I think DQXI is just one masterfully crafted JRPG. A true Master Class in JRPG gaming. 

Heard some people say DQXI is far too easy on normal while the 'super strong enemies' mode not being very well balanced, do you share that opinion?

Yeah, with the game is easier than previous games in the series, but there still is an element of strategy for the better part of the first half of the game. Once you get a certain character, your entire party becomes OP. 

Draconian mode is harder, some areas do seem very unbalanced but as a series veteran that's par for the course for Dragon Quest games in general so it didn't bother me much. Nothing like a good ole' grind.