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It seems I'm the odd one out, but I much preferred Octopath's gameplay to DQXI's. The boost system felt incredibly satisfying, and there was a lot more strategy involved in how you set up your party with the job system and how you could keep passives from those jobs. Runemaster Side-Steppin' Tressa is a good time, and it feels good to tweak and play with builds until you find one that suits you.

DQXI's battle system is a classic battle of attrition, but not much more in that. Pep powers (sometimes a character becomes 'pepped up' which increases stats and allows them to use special skills with other characters) are too random early on to build a strategy around and at the end of the day, it came down to managing mp and hp. Maybe I was missing something, but I never found many fun strategies and synergies between skills and teammates beyond the aforementioned pep powers. Also the fact that there is no visible turn order is probably the worst thing about the battle system for me. It was incredibly annoying, especially when bosses could attack multiple times in a row

But, then again, DQXI has Sylvando so it's basically an overall tie in my book.