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StuOhQ said:
Metallox said:
At this point I think it's safe to say that Prime 4 will be a launch title for Switch's successor.

Yeah, they'really just leaving us out to die here. I honestly think Reggie was intentionally ruffling Metroid fan's feathers.

Outside of Reggie’s Ridley in Smash bros. shirt, I don’t see what’s the problem here. 

If Nintendo is ready to show Metroid Prime 4, then they will show it. They’re not obligated to show it because it’s the Game Awards.

They teased it at E3 2017 to give Metroid Samus Returns a more favorable response and to throw fans a bone in that “Hey, we’re developing this game so please don’t ask anymore, ok?”

Thats my mindset personally. If a company is ready to show more, they will. At this time, Nintendo apparently didn’t feel the game is at a state to show off at the Game Awards. 

This idea that the game will no longer be developed for Switch and release on the Switch’s successor is weird. The Switch is only 2 years old. Plus, Breath of the Wild stayed its course and released on Wii U alongside the Switch version. You really think Nintendo would do what Metallox stated after all that?