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Bristow9091 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Joker in Smash means P5 on Switch. :D

Just like Cloud in Smash means Final Fantasy VII on Wii-U, oh wait... but Cloud in Smash means Final Fantasy VII on Swi-oh...

Okay I'll give you that though, Final Fantasy VII IS coming to the Switch, so there's always the chance Persona 5 will too lol :P 

As for all the announcements, honestly the big surprise for me was Ultimate Alliance 3, especially being Switch exclusive! I mean, it makes sense since it's best played local co-op, and the Switch is basically made for that, and as a huge fan of the series I'd buy it regardless of if it was exclusive to a platform I own or not anyway, so yeah, win-win! :D

To be fair, Final Fantasy VII Remake haven't even released on its announced platform tho (and might never do actually).

OT: I completely disagree. Their presence was decent, but far from the best they've shown there in previous years. If you're not a Smash fan, you're left with some good third party announcements, and that's it.

They didn't announce a single game there, or even showcased a previously announced game... I think that's far from knocking it out of the park in my opinion.

PS: But I totally agree that the event made 2019 look even brighter for Switch. 

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