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Pagan said:

Love it how Smash Players cant read Numbers. How many Smash Sold on Wii or GC? How many People have bought the consoles? How many People Just simply dont Care for a fighting Game? Calculate and you will Understand that alot, i mean alot of People doesnt give a xxxx about Smash. Smash Players cant Imagine that they are People Out There WHO simply Not only dont Like Smash but hate it because its taking Always the complete Attention from Nintendo that year its comming Out. That means for us non Smash Players, that the Release year of Smash is completely dead for us. Every direct, every E3 every VGA will be Not for us. We are Just watching Like idiots while you Guys are hyped.

Not only this is an exageration(bar E3, yeah that was pretty much Smash focused) since we got announcement for games like FE, Animal Crossing, Luigi Mansion 3, and many more, but also that Smash sells a crazy amount of units.

Smash 4 sold about 13 million units, and all indicates that Smash 5(Ultimate) will be far bigger, which would explain the bigger attention that it gets.And mind you, Im not the biggest Smash fan.Its hardly my favorite franchise.But I cant deny that I get excited about it and especially its trailers.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.