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Soundwave said:
Miyamotoo said:

For home consoles yes, but what you fail to see is that Nintendo was already doing similar thing with DS and 3DS, DSi and New 3DS are also like some kind of mid gen upgrade, and with point that Switch is essentially handheld hardware, we could expect Nintendo will do something similar with Switch in any case and regardless PS4/XB1.

And Nintendo was very clear about how they want that Switch has longer life span than typical 6 years, but Nintendo already doing that with 3DS, 3DS was launch in March 2011. and in 3 months 3DS will be 8 full years on market.

New or Pro Switch will happen, but difference will be more similar to New 3DS than to PS4 Pro or especially Xbox One X. It point about context, point if PS4 pro is to offer 1440p resolution that could be upscaled to 4K TVs, point of Xbox One X is to offer native 4K resolution for 4K TVs for most of current gen games, while point of New/Pro Switch will most likely be little higher clocks and maybe memory bandwidth that will allow them to have higher resolution with games that have dynamic resolution and more stable frame rate, same like probably better battery life. No Xbox One S is not New 3DS, only improvement that S has is with GPU where clockspeed was raise from 853MHz to 914MHz, while New 3DS recived huge upgrade in CPU (double cores and much higher clocks), double amount of RAM memory and much more VRAM memory. Yeah, Xbox X is totally different beast, but point of that beast is 4K gaming, and that's reason why its selling so better, because 4K TVs are becoming mainstream and Xbox X is best 4K console, but that's totally different context to Switch, Switch is already in any case best and strongest handheld/hybrid (actually only handheld or hybrid, 3DS will be dead next year).

It will, but for home consoles, like wrote, you fail to see is that Nintendo was already doing similar thing with DS and 3DS, DSi and New 3DS are also like some kind of mid gen upgrade, and with point that Switch is essentially handheld hardware, we could expect Nintendo will do something similar with Switch in any case and regardless PS4/XB1.

Generational definition I talking about is not old, look just how much revisions only 3DS has and how long life span 3DS has, Nintendo definitely plans to do something similar with Switch.


Remember, Nintendo was talking about iOS or Android platforms like example for their next platform ("NX" that become Switch), where you have family of devices that are all part of one platform and all games running on all devices, and that's basically 3DS family also become. You keep bringing examples like PS4 Pro/Xbox X and iPad or Samsung tablets, but you ignoring fact that all games for those platforms works on every versions of those hardwares and in same time you talking about big number of big 3rd party exclusive games that would run only Switch Pro version only.

What I personally expecting from Switch revisions is that we will have:

-New (or less possible that name would be Pro, why would Nintendo used Sony naming when Nintendo has couple of its own for improved hardware) Switch that will have improved GPU/CPU clocks, maybe higher memory bandwidth and maybe even less possible more RAM memory, that would alow Switch to have higher resolution and better frame rate for games that cant hit 720p resolution in portable and that cant hit 1080p docked mode with better frame rate and maybe better battery life.

-Switch Pocket/Mini that would be low price option and handheld focused Switch, for instance around 5" screen and built in controls, just for handheld play.

-Switch TV is also possible, similar like Vita TV, It would essentially be just Switch hardware built in similar looking device like Dock (just smaller) of course without screen, battery, parts needed for handheld play, Joy Cons, Joy Con basically just Switch SoC built in Dock and shipped with Pro Controller instead of Joycons (but it would have support for JoyCons).

-After that maybe we could have another upgrade for Switch.


Point of all those revisions is they all would support of around 99% Switch library of games, I mean you will always have few examples that wouldnt run on some revisions, I mean thats case even with 3DS/2DS.

After that we will have Switch 2, its very possible that Switch 2 games will be still be cross gen with Switch 1, offcourse on Switch 2 will look and run better.

I don't think there will be a Switch 2 in the way you think, I think Switch Pro is basically Switch Gen 2, then in 2023-2024 what you'll get is actually the third Switch. And that will be a new thing for Nintendo but will better suit the Switch ecosystem in the long run. 

Most games will be playable on between Switch/Switch Pro but Nintendo won't stop 3rd parties from making Pro only games if they want. 

What will be the net result of embracing this style of hardware ecosystem will be bigger profits for Nintendo and just as importantly you won't see the collapse in hardware shipments in year 4/5/6 that plague most Nintendo systems. The "Pro/X" model is the fountain of youth for game systems, it reinvigorates a console platform in a way smaller upgrades or "mini consoles" can't. And that means more $$$, which is what Nintendo is looking at, not at "well this is going to upset some guy on a gaming message board". 

Nah, I mean you will have PS5/XB2 despite Pro and X, simple Switch 2 will be much bigger difference and much stronger SoC compare to current one, in one point they will have bigger much difference compared to upgrades in any case and that will be next gen, same like PS5/XB2 will again be next gen compared to Pro and X.

Even if Nintendo dont stop huge majority of 3rd party wouldnt want to release game that could be played only small part of install base of some platform.

Switch is not typical Nintendo system, they now have full support just for one platform, they will have multiple versions, addons and price cuts. You again ignoring context, it not just point to offer stronger hardware, its point what that stronger brings, like I wrote PS4 Pro brought 1440p that scales very nice to 4K TV, X offers full 4K resolution for most of current gent games, what exactly would be point of Switch Pro, just stronger hardware and nothing more? In long run, it will be far more important for Switch to have lower price point instead of more price one, dont forget Nintendo said they want Switch to sell like device per person instead of device per house, but that price point is not still there.