PortisheadBiscuit said:
The PS4 + Switch combo is a match made in heaven

You sir, are a wise man indeed!

LudicrousSpeed said:
Mnementh said:

Isn't this the other way around? That looking at personal tastes even the 3DO is viable as a primary for some? Maybe my usage of english is wrong here, I'm not a native speaker, so correct me if I misunderstand.

That was my point, that if you remove all subjective factors, as the OP is requesting, then even a massively high priced, short lived console with a very mediocre game library like the 3DO could be a viable or even only gaming device. So of course a console like the Switch would also fall into that category, it's superior to the 3DO in every aspect. The worst consoles in existence are all perfectly viable as primary or only devices. The only requirements are one, that it works; and two, that it has some games to play. Done.

It's essentially the "PS4 has no gamez!" argument and defense. Where people made that claim based entirely on subjective reasons, and people tried to defend the PS4 using literal reasoning. "PS4 has no games? Sure it does, look at this: *list of games*". I mean, sure, technically, that person is right, but what the two sides are saying are not the same thing.

Or am I mistaken? OP says the offenders know who they are. Is there a large group of people on teh Chartz claiming that the Switch objectively and factually cannot be viable as someone's primary or, gasp, only gaming device? Maybe I just am out of the loop.

Well those that make those claims know they are incorrect.  That is why they are either avoiding the topic entirely or somehow try to put an arbitrary number from their butt to try and say that primary Switch owners are a "minority", all while forgetting why the whole "PS4 has no gamez" narrative existed to begin with (which is bullshit there as well, and yes I defended PS4 during those times).

Generally speaking of course.  I am not trying to single anyone out, just opening the floor for a valid discussion.

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