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TruckOSaurus said:
mZuzek said:

Oh, nice. I won't be around this opening week either. Count me in, then!

Also hoping to hear a bit on stages. I don't know how close to competitive rules you want to go with here, but just for reference, this is the stage list we're using in our first local next Sunday.

Seems like an interesting list but you'll have to explain a couple of things to me: What's "Stage striking 2-3-1" and "3 bans +DSR"?

Stage Striking 2-3-1: Basically it means that when stages are being banned for the first game, Player 1 starts the banning process by banning 2 stages, Player 2 then bans 3 stages, and then Player 1 picks from one of the two stages remaining (in essence, banning the one that isn't chosen).

3 bans + DSR: The winner of the previous game gets to ban 3 stages from the entire list (Starters + Counterpicks). DSR (Dave's Stupid Rule) means that a player cannot go back to a stage they previously won on without the loser of that game's consent.