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MTZehvor said:
Tag, but also a couple of questions/suggestions.

What stage list are we using? Presumably (at least, I genuinely hope) not every single stage is considered legal for the purposes of this league.

Assuming players cannot come to an agreement on the stage for the first game of a set, how is the first stage to be determined? Are we using a striking process, and if so, how do we determine who bans first? (And what is the ban order?)

For counterpicking stages, does the previous game's winner not get to ban any stages at all? That seems particularly disadvantageous if one character has a particularly bad matchup against another character on a specific stage (like, say, Lucina/Marth vs. Mewtwo on Battlefield in Smash 4). I'd (personally) recommend giving the winner at least one or two bans, depending on the size of the stage list.

I'd also really recommend giving the player who won the last game the option to switch characters after the stage for the next game has been chosen. That's the ruleset adopted by most tournaments, and while I don't want to be the guy that comes in here and say "Waahhh it's different so fix it please," stages make a huge difference in how characters play, sometimes even to the point where people will change their character entirely based on what stage they're playing on. For example (using Smash 4 again), some people will deliberately pick a character with a safer recovery to make Lylat's questionable edges easier to deal with. Or, alternatively, some people will opt away from Little Mac on Battlefield because the top platform makes life really tough for him.

Other than that it looks good. Definitely interested in joining with or without these recommendations.

All good points that I'll take into consideration. It's hard to say for stages at this point but we could start with a list a returning stages that we know will be somewhat "neutral". Would you have such a list on hand? I think we'll have a lot of stages that will become usable since we now have the option to turn stage hazards off (no Yellow Devil on Mega Man's stage yessss!).

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