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What I want for the next iteration of pokemon lets go:
I am really addicted, playing a lot. I particularly enjoyed catching as many pokemon as i never had catch in any pokemon game. And I am really looking forward they keep the formula in a next game. Here my ideas/wishes for the next game:

-Not a DLC for lets go, I want a full new game. Now based on Johto/kanto region, a mix of GSC, HGSS and lets GO. With the features: phone numbers to rematch, day/night, items, eggs and breeding, berries from trees, etc. Secret techniques includes also rock climb, waterfall to have the expansion HGSS had. Keep lets go features as well: New character (not Gold), coach trainers, no random encounters, pokemon following you, partner pokemon, mounting, etc.

-Let it be Let's Go Pichu/Togepi. Togepi was popular in the show and resemble the idea of the game: misty used to carry togepi out of the pokeball all the time, and pichu resemble Pikachu. Also, they are baby pokemon, so, weaker then eevee and pikachu, what make the game less easier in general.

-Make the same visual style from pokemon lets Go. Add only a more dynamic lightning to better characterize the illumination of day and night. Same camera view from Lets Go too, animations at legendaries.

-No abilities. Lets Go kind of tries to recreate some of the experience of yellow. In more hardcore competitive play it was interesting, because you have to recreate the strategies without the abilities, it gave its own feel to lets Go. They could do the same for the Lets Go johto, trying to recreate the GSC experience, where you had items, but still not abilities. Is like a new metagame with a mix between new features and old.

-Z-moves again. We will have items, and they included mega evolutions on Lets go, so, they could include Z-moves on next lets Go.
No trials to get them, instead, Gym leaders give you the correspondent Z stone in the rematch (there are 16 gyms, almost all tipes are there).
If not on gyms, coach trainers. They are amazing on lets Go, they aare a tough fight specialized on the TM they are about to give to you. So, you not only find a TM, you earn it by winning a battle, and also learn how to use. Z-moves could be like that.

-Keep EVs out. It was a big emprovement, where you dont need to care all the time on who you are fighing if you want to train for perfect EVs, that usually ruin every attempt to start create a competitive team while in early stages of the game. Keep candies. But we have room for improvement on AVs. 200 points in each stat is too much. A pokemon lvl 20 can defeat lvl 50,60... Does not seems fair. Should be better to revise the maximum value and limitations.
-Catching system. Keep as it is as default. But add option to battle too. Add an option to defeat the pokemon to increase the catch rate (like using a razz berry), but not as default option. While I think people will still try to catch with no battling, give the option to.
As an special case, you find raikou and entei on the grass (more comonly when combo catching), and these you have to fight, and they run away. When you find it again, they remain with the same HP. you only catch after defeating. Help to resemble the old way to catch them in the new mechanics.
-Change the condition to enter in the gyms. Just show a pokemon in your box instead on the party. It can still help newcomers that have no idea of which pokemon to use, but dont force to have in the party.

-If 2019 game bring new regional formes of pokemon from johto, bring them all to lets go johto. But still not formed opinion if they should bring evolutions of johto pokemons that are not on johto dex... (mamoswine, glicor, togekiss, weavile, etc). Maybe I can accept this exception.

-Dont put the legendaries of non johto that appeared n HGSS. Instead, they can create new legendarys (like they did with meltan and melmetal) but to get ingame (not from GO), with its own myth, location that substitute leendarios that appear on HGSS.

-Also transfer pokemon fro GO, but also from lets go pikachu and eevee. But I want a better and more interative GO park, where you could visit other trainers parks. See the other characters mounting their pokemon.
Also, as eggs are present in this game, we could make the inverse process, ass data from lets go johto to pokemon GO. But only eggs. (as are limited by 9, and have to walk a lot to ratch wont ruin and make GO easier).

-Madam celadom made natures too previsive. I liked the old style of 50% of having the right nature (despite was after hatching the egg from a mom with the nature I wanted and a everstone).
In my opinion, she should offer 2 services: 5k for 50% chance of appear the right nature, and 20k to 100% to come the right nature. She would change to Ecruteak (yeah, having it in ealy game helped a lot to starting build competitive teams from beggining).

-Catch combo should be corresponding to the candy, in other words, catching pokemon from the same evolution line wont break the chain. It would make it less frustrating when you are comboing and an evolution appear. But also dont make it much easier because has the evolution line restriction yet.  But I think is still fair when we have 100 more pokemon in the game.

-Only master trainers of full evolved pokemon. It was kind of frustrating knowing that you have to train a caterpie until lvl 80 to face other caterpie, without evolving it. Make you feel that you will never accomplish it for all 150 pokemon. But now is 250+, that could be worst. If was only the full evolved, seems that you are not wasting time training it and not evolving.

-Other small things too: Bring Voltorb flip again (i loved, played a lot). Bike road with trainers monted on their pokemon would be cooler. Intead of huge and tiny appear as a red and blue lights, we actually see small and large pokemon on the wild. Put Gold in the place of Red (for the surprise). Red could be in other place. Pro controller support.

I would be very glad if was like that, would pay 60$ easily day 1. It would be the first time I would tolerate catching unown of each letter. Was painfull aand I have never accomplished it before, after playing johto games so many times.